Fernando Galán

Fernando Galán


Teacher of Flamenco, Estilizada, Spanish folklore and Bolero.
Teaching Diploma II of the « Sociedad de Baile Español I.D.B.II » (Spanish society of dancing).
Participation in dancing masterclases with Javier Latorre, Matilde Coral, Manolo Marín, Antonio Canales, Rafaela Carrasco, Eva Yerbabuena, El Guito, José Antonio Ruiz, Manolete, Mario Maya, Belén Maya, Granero, Azorín, Juán Parra.

Fernando has been working as a professional "Bailaor" for 25 years in the best theatres and on the best stages all around the world. He could be seen several times in the Spanish TV and abroad.
Fernando Galán
He was invited as soloist by several famous Flamenco groups.
First ballet dancer during a few years of the "Ballet Albarizuela". Ballet dancer in the groups of Javier Latorre and María Serrano.

He was invited to give Flamenco workshops in Germany, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, England, South Africa, France, Hungary and Spain.
Additionally, he has been an choreographer of several Flamenco groups and in formations of Spanish classical dance.

Farruca Fernando Galan Espectaculo Flamenco Laura Pirri
Seguirilla Fernando Galan Espectáculo Flamenco Laura pirri